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All of our November news 
November 3rd 2020 
Even at age 4 & 5, dancers are still amazing at social distancing! Ready to dance round the room & kept their spacing all the way round! 
What a great shame these little darlings have to stop attending their classes at KH and have to dance at home via Zoom. 😢 
November 4th 2020 
Well guys, sadly that’s it for the time being. Our last class in person at KH was Advanced RAD with Sophie and Jess, 2 pre-Professional students now having to join everyone else dancing at home via Zoom. 
We did have fun though in lockdown 1, and as the saying goes  
“The show must go on”.  
We will get back to our zoom classes seeing your smiley faces and keep our spirits up, just like these zoom photos from April and May. Stay safe everyone, stay positive and Keeeeeep Dancing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙 
November 7th 2020 - Miss Angela's Poem ❤️ 
We danced, we sung, we acted. 
We danced in our kitchens we danced in our halls 
We danced in the garage all within our four walls. 
We acted our socks off and at home we sung 
listening and learning and having great fun 
Teachers alone in a studio or zooming from home 
It’s one of the proud reasons I wrote this poem 
We smiled at each other and put our microphones on mute, 
our younger pupils as usual looked ever so cute. 
The seniors used the chat box to let you know “it’s going glitchy” 
we muted and unmuted as if our hands were itchy. 
Cameras were zoned in to ceilings and floors 
with family members popping in through various doors. 
Siblings fighting for the biggest space either lounge or bedroom 
devises charged up ready for the day on zoom. 
Cats and dogs joined the fun wondering what was going on 
some came up to the camera as if to Sing a song. 
Tap boards a plenty and pieces of Lino too 
carpet and wood floors and some on concrete in their tap shoe 
Jazz and ballet shoes swapped and worn 
uniforms, dance gear and jumpers with a 
Hair all tidy all making an effort to appropriately dress 
as looking right makes everyone feel better to professionally impress. 
Our parents logging into each class typing in the text 
and our older pupils getting on with going from one class to the next 
Some teachers had full registers others had some pupils not appear 
some seniors even joined in extra classes as permitted with no fear. 
One of the best things for me is the manners of each pupil without a fuss 
as they each say a big THANK YOU to each of us. 
Teachers exhausted as it’s not easy online 
tonight will put their feet up and have a red or white wine 
The anxiety of not letting the children down is deep inside our soul 
because team KH care and each play an important roll 
Working in harmony makes me so proud 
supporting each other re zoom just lifts a dark cloud 
We’ve had 32 zoom classes in all this KH Saturday 
Well done everyone, we made it, with an exhausting hurray. 
Miss Angela x 
November 10th 2020 
Focus on Miss Nicky and our online singing sessions. 
It’s brilliant that so many of our singing pupils are carrying on their lessons with Miss Nicky online via Zoom. 
It’s quite stressful with time lapses and internet issues but to be able to keep our spirits up ‘The show must go on.’ 
Well done Miss Nicky for all the prep time in sending backing tracks and lyrics to your pupils before they join you on zoom. 
Don’t forget to send us your child’s dancing/practicing at home photos to keep the connection with our KH Families. 
November 11th 2020 
Miss Joanne here- Zoom around the room, this time our Silver Swans dancing away at home when I took these photos of Miss Angela taking the class for our Ballet ladies this afternoon. One Silver swan sent a lovely thank you after the class that she now feels invigorated. Well done to each and everyone of you who have danced sung and acted and our parents for being stage crew sorting out the technical side. We’ve now been zooming for a week since last Thursdays first lockdown day and have been overwhelmed with the attendance and your kind support. 
Don’t forget to send in your practising, singing, acting or dancing at home photos. 
November 13th 2020 
Photographer: @dobie_gray_photogrpahy / Dobie Gray 
After seeing Miss’ Katy’s funny post on her Instagram page about re- training as a waitress 🤣 Miss Angela asked Katy’s permission to share the photographs and an update.  
Hello Katy here again, 
Having arrived home from my last job during our first national lockdown, I had hoped and planned to return as soon as possible, surely no later than end of summer! But here we ALL are in another lockdown missing friends, experiences and work! 
I was incredibly lucky a few weeks ago to be asked to cover for Miss Sarah’s jazz classes at KH and couldn’t wait to be back in my old home teaching the next beautiful, bright stars but of course that was not to be.  
The day I was going to start, lockdown 2.0 crashed in and now I’m patiently waiting for it to end and hopefully be in the studio with everyone then! I hope everyone is staying safe and in good spirits, sending all my love 
Katy ❤️ 
We hope to see you in person soon Katy. 
November 13th 2020 
Hands up who thinks Miss Allison should have her own TV show?  
So many parents have been in touch to congratulate Miss Allison and her online Drama classes, well done for your engaging amazing classes Miss Allison. Here’s a message for you all. 
"Miss Allison here! How strange it seems to be trying to teach drama via zoom, but I wanted to share how brilliantly everyone is doing. I've been amazed by the levels of concentration, the willingness to try new things and the support you've given each other. It's a joy to see how well you are all doing and how much fun we are all having. Keep up the fabulous work!" 
November 15th 2020 
Miss Evie here☺️ 
I’d just like to inform you all that my ‘Strictly’ inspired workshop has unfortunately been pushed back due to lockdown but nevertheless it’s now happening on Sunday 13th December!! Same time, same place! 
I’d much rather wait and get to give you the studio experience rather than on zoom!🤞🏻 
Please email me if you’re interested and I’ll confirm your place should there still be availability.💃🏻 
November 19th 2020 
14-year-old Hannah Copley, who has created a fundraising calendar to help Kirkham Henry Performing Arts Centre. 
£5 for KH recovery funds get in touch and we can put one aside or post for you. 
November 21st 2020 
Information landing soon in your emails about our new uniform and ordering details 🥳🎄🎁 
Just in time for Christmas xx 
November 25th 2020 
Massive congratulations to Sophie Collier for taking her Advanced 1 Royal Academy of Dance ( RAD) Ballet examination.  
Due to COVID restrictions, Sophie’s exam was filmed today in studio 1 at Kirkham Henry.  
Sophie has done exceptionally well due to having her lessons with Miss Angela via zoom. Grateful thanks to Miss Sophie for all her technical support and being the camera man. 
Miss Angela had to pretend to be the examiner to call out the exercises and said it was so lovely to see Sophie actually in her exam and she danced so beautifully. The footage of the exam which had to be filmed as a whole, will now be sent off to RAD for a vocational examiner to mark.  
Miss Angela not being allowed to give Sophie a big hug at the end, did a heart sign for her instead.  
Well done Sophie for your achievement under these difficult circumstances. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️ 
November 27th 2020 
We were super lucky to receive a very special message to all our pupils from HRVY and Janette from Strictly come dancing, encouraging everyone, as we return to the studio’s to “Keep Dancing.” 
Thanks a million to former pupil Saskia Kirkham-Burke who is working with all the dancers and celebrities for organising this wonderful video.  
(Parents please pass on to your children.) You all deserve this special mention, due to your hard work joining our online classes during lockdown ,how lucky are we at KH. 👏👏❤️ 
November 29th 2020 
Sunday morning smiles- only 2 more zoom days before we’re back into the studios, thank goodness. 🤦‍♀️  
Why do we put ourselves through it?  
Because it’s when you see our younger pupils watching our seniors in awe of their ability, we remember the lyrics ‘It's not where you start, it's where you finish, and you're gonna finish on top.’ 
I can’t thank all our teachers enough for caring so much about our pupils and delivering online classes during lockdown 2.  
Thank you team KH from the bottom of my heart, here’s to a fabulous end of term back in our COVID secure studios.  
Miss Angela ❤️ 
December 1st 2020 
That’s it folks, officially we’re back to the studios tomorrow Wednesday 2nd December.  
Our studios are back to COVID secure as before lockdown 2.  
Remember to sanitise your hands, keep within the 2 metre individual stages, socially distance.  
Thanks to The Dental Health practice Malton we have extra protection with Door push pads that help stop the spread of infection by self disinfecting.  
Please email KH if you are self isolating and wish to zoom from home as we will not automatically have zoom set up.  
Here’s to a wonderful last few weeks of term, keep up the good work everyone. ❤️ 
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