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Here you will find pictures and information relating to our class and examination uniform for boys and girls. We also have a fantastic range of warm ups and uniform with our Kirkham Henry Logo on.  All of our class and examination uniforms can be purchased from the dance shop attached to our dance studios Fusion Dancewear or online dancewear outlets such as Dance Direct and Move Dancewear. You will not be able to purchase any uniform through this website . The information and photographs are to show you what will be required.  CLASS & EXAMINATION UNIFORM  

Pre-school and Primary  
Foundation classes  
Pink short sleeved skirted leoard 
Pink/ flesh tone ballet shoes with elastic fastening 
Pink/ flesh tone ballet socks 
White tap shoes (not pre-school,unless attending our tap class) 
Pink wrap ballet cardigans may be used in cooler weather (optional) 
Grade 1 and 2 and 3 ballet (girls) 
Lavender sleeveless cotton lyrcra leotard with elastic belt 
chiffon wrap lavender skirt (optional) 
pink / flesh tone ballet socks  
(flesh tone / pink ballet tights may be worn for class only, not examinations) 
pink / flesh tone ballet shoes with elastic fastening 
crossover cardigans are optional for cooler weather. 

KH Uniform with Logo  

For use in Drama,Jazz, Musical Theatre and Tap and great for warm up in all classes . 
For sizing and prices ,please see bottom of page and use the email address shown in blue for ordering and the provided bank details for BACS payments. 
Grade 4 and 5 ballet (Girls) 
Black/Navy (Idta) Sleeveless with elastic belt 
Navy (Rad) sleeveless cotton lycra leotard with elastic belt 
Flesh tone or pink ballet tights 
Pink or flesh tone ballet shoes with elastic 
chiffon wrap ballet skirt (optional, for class only) 
Dark warm up hoody and or joggers 
(with or without logo) 
Kirkham Henry T-Shirt with logo 
available in child and adult sizes. 
KH Pull on hoody without a front pocket. 
Ideal for when its cold. For use in Drama , Singing and for warm up in all classes. 
Also available in a zip-up hoody jacket which is ideal for getting on and off without messing hair up, especially on exam days, for shows and for our Festival team.  
Pre-school and Primary 
Foundation classes 
White t-shirt 
Navy or black shorts 
Short white socks 
white or black ballet shoes 
black tap shoes (not pre-school, unless attending our tap class) 
Grade 1 and 2 and 3 ballet (boys) 
White boys leotard with sleeves or 
white t-shirt. 
Navy or black shorts / boys navy ballet tights 
Short white socks / white knee socks  
white or black ballet shoes 
black tap shoes 
Grade 4 and above ballet ( boys) 
White male leotard with or without sleeves 
Navy male ballet tights 
White knee socks 
White ballet shoes 
Dark warm up hoody and or joggers (with ot without logo) 
Girls higher grades 6, 7 and 8 ballet 
Navy blue cotton lycra,slevveless leotard.with matching waist elastic belt. 
Flesh tone or pink ballet tights 
Flesh tone or pink ballet shoes with elastic fastening. 
Character shoes (low heeled for younger ones and low cuban heels for senior grades) and character skirts will be used for examinations ( we will advise on these when neccessary) 
Sport T-shirt and joggers with KH Logo 
available in child and adult sizes 
Sports style bra crop top available in child and adult sizes 
Cropped slouch style top and leggings with Logo, available in child and adult sizes 
Kh Logo Sports style vest with racer back. great over the sports style bra top, or on its own. 
Please see sizing and items opposite. Any questios and for any orders then please use the email address below.  
We cannot accept any orders or payments via this website . 
All payment details will be given to you once you have ordered and contacted Friends via the email. 
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